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Income Taxes - "Fair Share"

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"The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by those who vote for a living."

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( Education   |   "Nanny State"   |   Common Core State Standards )

A sensible guide for parents written by a teacher who was initially for Common Core and learned the truth. Learn the importance of opting your child out of SBAC testing.
( Education   |   "Nanny State"   |   Common Core State Standards )

The issuance to students of IDs that connect them to their test scores is critical to the overall success of the federal government's Common Core educational program, according to a study. Among the "   ... read more
( Education   |   "Nanny State"   |   Common Core State Standards )

Do you want your child to be Bill Gates' "guinea pig" for 10 years to determine if Common Core works or not? Please watch the video in this article and listen to what one of the primary forces behind C   ... read more
( Education   |   "Nanny State"   |   Common Core State Standards )

Don't say you weren't warned. In March of this year, the Harvard Graduate School of Education hosted an event titled "Common Core: Perils, Pitfalls, and Opportunities." It was moderated by Harvard p   ... read more
( Education   |   Politicians' Actions   |   Common Core State Standards )

One of the sticky issues regarding the Common Core remains the secretive way the standards were first written, and the almost total absence of classroom educators from that process -- which I first pointed o   ... read more
( Education   |   Common Core State Standards )

It took a teacher 56 seconds to explain how to add 9 plus 6. “When you and I were in school, we used to just memorize 9 plus 6 equals 15. Not anymore. With the Common Core, students need to understand w   ... read more
( Education   |   Common Core State Standards )

A study published by the pro-Common Core Carnegie Corporation in 2013 generated a key finding that has not received much attention, but perhaps should be quoted often at education hearings in state legislatures a   ... read more
( Education   |   Common Core State Standards )

This study, touting "new" designs for education, actually reveals some little heard problems with Common Core.
( Education   |   Common Core State Standards )

How did I miss it? The single most important study on Common Core implementation was published by the Carnegie Corporation in 2013, but its key finding has been ignored.
( Education   |   Common Core State Standards )

There are genuine problems with Common Core all the same, and these are potentially at a deeper level. Take as one example, the Common Core kindergarten mathematics standard, which requires that children u   ... read more

Sample of the Submissions of Users

According to the CBO, "our growing debt also would increase the probability of a sudden fiscal crisis..." Common sense tells us that when you see a problem coming, you find out the cause and correct it. In this case, the cause is government spending:

  • The President's Health Care Bill will increase government spending on health care by 93% by 2037.
  • By 2025, spending on our three largest entitlement programs -- Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security -- will match federal revenue, meaning that all additional government spending, including defense, will be borrowed.
  • The CBO estimates that interest payments on our national debt will equal 9.5% of our GDP.

Guns in America

According to the CDC with supporting statitistics put out by the FBI, the murder/death rate due to other causes is more of a problem than those involving firearms. An unemotional, common sense analysis should lead thinking people to call into question why the furor over law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

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