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Informed Voter Articles
Informed Voter Article - by UBChain - 5/30/2012

New site to assist voters become informed, get involved and inform others

Published on Wednesday, May 30, 2012
( 2012 November Elections   |   Freedom of Speech )

This is the first article published on which is a new web site and tool for American voters to use to become informed, get involved and to inform others.

The formatting for the articles will be limited at least for the initial launch.  The concept is to impart information more than to try and make something look "pretty".  Some things can be in bold text, written in italics, and even underlined.  At present, strikethrough is also an option although there isn't likely a great need for that.

Users can present numbered or bulleted lists such as:

  1. Become Informed
  2. Get Involved
  3. Inform Others


  • Become Informed
  • Get Involved
  • Inform Others

At initial launch, external links will be allowed.  If users tend to abuse this for spam or other purposes in the Blog section, this feature may be removed.

We thank all new visitors and encourage you to encourage at least 5 of your friends, relatives and co-workers to get involved and sign up here to become as informed as you are. - Site Map



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